This menu is reserved for our guests 60 or older. We have selected some of our most popular meals for you. Some of the meals are a little smaller for the senior appetite and all are great values. ENJOY!

Classic Burger $8.49

Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and French fries.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich $8.49

Thin-sliced roast beef served on bread covered with brown gravy, with whipped potatoes.

Hot Hamburger Sandwich $8.49

Our one-third pound hamburger patty sandwiched between two slices of bread and smothered in gravy, with whipped potatoes.

BLT $8.49

Crispy bacon, fresh tomato slices, lettuce and mayo on toasted wheat bread. Served with fries.

Soup & Salad $8.49

Your choice of our daily soup or clam chowder, with a garden fresh salad and garlic cheese toast.

Hot Turkey Sandwich $8.49

Oven roasted turkey served on bread covered with gravy. with whipped potatoes.

Soup & Pie $8.49

A cup of our wonderful soup and a slice of your favorite.